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Coaching Skills for Managers


Programme Overview

The course will demonstrate the value that using a coaching style and approach can bring to any conversation and to equip managers with the skills and confidence to use coaching skills in everyday situations.

Run online it incorporates breakout rooms for paired skills practice and polls to add interaction and interest.

Programme Objectives:

  • Help embed a coaching culture into management practice at Royal Holloway
  • Understand the difference between coaching, mentoring and other leadership styles and approaches
  • Know the essential coaching skills which contribute to confident communication
  • Apply and practice these skills using practical and real working situations
  • Know how and when to apply these skills in a practical way back in the workplace
  • Develop awareness of self and others
  • Learn practical tools, techniques and strategies to manage difficult conversations
  • Know how to build trusting and sustainable working relationships

Target Audience

This course is aimed at people manager and team leaders looking to improve communication, performance and engagement at work.

Programme components

Module 1: Understanding Manager as Coach skills and approaches

  • Emotional Intelligence in a manager as coach perspective 
  • What coaching is and is not
  • Where coaching fits within other management styles approaches
  • Where coaching fits within RHUL Leadership Behaviours Framework
  • Essential coaching skills development including
    • Rapport
    • Listening
    • Silence
    • Questioning
  • Skills practice
  • Review and reflection of learning

Module 2: Structure and Feedback

  • Review and reflection on coaching practice
  • The importance of structure and scene setting
  • Structuring your coaching conversations
  • Coaching practice using EMERGE and GROW
  • Giving feedback in a coaching style
  • Practising feedback when coaching
  • Review and reflect on learning

Learners commit to practising coaching skills and techniques with their teams and in team meetings and reflect back their learning on module 3.

Module 3: Reviewing and reflecting on manager as coach 

  • Review and reflection on coaching practice in the workplace
  • Review of coaching theory, skills and approaches
  • Challenges and successes
  • Revisit GROW and EMERGE
  • Practice using a real work place challenge
  • Review and reflect
  • Action plan for future success

Course Length

Each module is 2.5 hours. There are a total of three modules that you will need to attend to complete the course.


Programme dates

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