English language coaching

What is it?

1-1 coaching to develop English language & communication skills for non-native speaking staff

Target audience

These sessions are for members of staff who need to develop their English language and communication skills for work. For example, when writing letters and emails, they may struggle with some aspects of grammatical accuracy, or with getting the tone and level of formality right. In spoken communication they may have difficulty listening to the variety of accents and idioms used by staff and students, or lack confidence in their own pronunciation and style of communication.

Course objectives

The Centre for the Development of Academic Skills (CeDAS) offers 1:1 coaching sessions in English language and communication skills for members of staff whose first language is not English. The sessions usually entail an initial needs analysis followed by 10 one-hour sessions between a specialist and the staff member.

 How to request and set up the EL coaching sessions

Once the Line Manager and the member of staff have agreed that additional support in language is required, they will need to complete and sign the External Courses Conference and Workshop Application Form.

 When filling in the External events application form,  the line manager will need to comment on the following:

  • The types of communication skills that the staff member’s role requires – a detailed job description might be a good starting point, or a list of key tasks, e.g. ‘formal letter writing, emails to students, giving presentations, phone communication’;
  • The particular communication skills that require development, e.g. writing emails;
  • An indication of specific English language needs for improvement, e.g. grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation;
  • Whether there is a need for intercultural communication development, i.e. getting the tone and style of communication right for particular audiences.

 The completed form should be sent to orgdev@rhul.ac.uk . Once funding has been approved, the staff member will be invited to attend an initial ‘Needs Analysis’ meeting with CeDAS  A tailored coaching programme will be devised and communicated to the Line Manager and staff member, and once agreed, individual  sessions with a specialist tutor will be arranged, usually within the staff member’s working hours.


The cost for language coaching is £800.

For further information

Please contact Sophia.Stavrakakis@rhul.ac.uk or phone 01784 414320