Lead productive meetings

Target audience

This workshop is aimed at any staff who need to chair energising, productive meetings, fulfilling objectives whilst achieving active and positive participation. The workshop will be useful to anyone interested in developing this area of skills.

Course objectives

  • Choose appropriate structures for different types of meetings; formal, informal, short and longer meetings, explorative meetings, action and agenda focussed meetings.
  • Set up a meeting so it successfully achieves its purpose; know what style of meeting to choose.
  • Encourage and manage discussion in a confident manner.
  • Maintain control of the agenda and the time.
  • Skilfully handle challenging and awkward situations.
  • Reach consensus within the group and gain commitment to decisions.
  • Audit your own meetings so that you can improve their effectiveness.
  • Understand how to use Appreciative Inquiry as a tool for meetings.
  • Embed a change in mindset about how to create productive and successful meetings.

Course components

There are many ways in which a meeting can be run. Choosing the right style and delivering it can be quite a skill. This course will show you different ways to run and manage meetings so you can choose the most effective style and technique for the range of meetings you may be managing.

Choosing the right style of meeting is the first priority. To assist you in doing that, this workshop will include chairing structured meetings which are agenda focussed with a time limit; using meetings to explore ideas and source creative solutions; meetings to establish tasks and actions; meetings to find consensus. The workshop will ask you to consider what type of meetings you are most likely to be running and will create space for you to focus on your own needs too.

Delegate and group feedback will enhance the learning opportunities and create natural reflection time for everyone. This workshop will naturally create an inclusive environment for all learning needs, being practical, reflective and providing focussed theory to ground and establish the learning.

During the workshop we will discuss different scenarios, chairing meetings, consider agenda setting, review techniques for time management, and explore ways in which to manage people within a meeting.

Course length

Half-day course.

 Programme dates

Event name Date Time Location Description
Lead productive meetings 08/12/2022 09:30 - 16:30 Founders Large Boardroom This one-day workshop is aimed at any staff who need to chair energising, productive meetings, fulfilling objectives whi... Register