Train the trainer

What is it?

  • Would you like to be able to deliver training in an engaging and interactive way?
  • Are you keen to learn how to make your training relevant and interactive?
  • Do you suffer from nerves when faced with a room full of people?
  • Are you a complete beginner and would like to know how to structure a training session and what to include?

If any of these apply to you, come along to the 'Train the Trainer' workshop!

Programme objectives

This session is designed to teach you the basics of structuring a session and how to write effective trainer's notes.

It will also cover how to control any nerves and jitters about delivering to an audience and also how to make your training session interactive and engaging.

Programe components

This is a highly interactive session in a small group with the opportunity for practice and feedback.

Course length

Full-day course.

Programme dates

There are currently no upcoming events. If this is a Human Resources event, please log in to MyView to join the waiting list. Find out more about how to book training courses.