Equality, Diversity and Inclusion



Royal Holloway acknowledges societal inequalities and the impact of these on the personal and professional lives of individuals, and is deeply committed to cultivating a welcoming, fair and inclusive environment where barriers are removed and everyone has access to the same opportunities. An environment where bias, exclusion and discrimination are challenged at all levels and everyone feels supported to be themselves and reach their full potential. 

All members of our College community have collective responsibility for establishing a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment where unacceptable behaviour is challenged and everyone feels welcome and valued. In this vein, the College has developed a range of training opportunities designed to help all members of our College community to become diversity-confident and inclusive in our everyday practices. 


Mandatory Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training programme

The College has established a foundation for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion e-learning training which all staff members are required to engage with and complete, to help all in our community to feel able to contribute to, and experience, a respectful, supportive and inclusive environment. 

Developing diverse leaders

The College is committed to encouraging the development of individuals from all backgrounds, and provides a number of courses to support this.

Disability awareness

Organisations and individuals are often made to feel that they should understand disability. This is impossible if they have never been given the knowledge about it. Disability Awareness Training ensures staff are able to feel comfortable with disability when supporting students and colleagues by providing the skills, tools and practical know how.

Introduction to Trans Awareness 

This e-learning course is designed to To promote awareness of issues trans and non-binary people face and develop a pool of allies who will contribute towards further establishing the College as a diverse and inclusive space for all staff and students.

Introduction to Race Equity 

This e-learning course is part of the College's approach to raising awareness and understanding, and encouraging all within our community to commit to further action to tackle racial inequality. 

Menopause at Work for Managers

This interactive workshop on MS Teams includes everything a line manager needs to know about menopause and enables understanding of how menopause could be affecting someone at work.

Safe Zone

Learn about LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning +) identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice and privilege.


Springboard is a women's development programme.

LGBT+ Allyship - gender identity

This session will particularly focus on trans, non-binary, and other gender diverse identities, and will support colleagues to make their workplace inclusive of people who identify in these ways.

LGBT+ Allyship - sexuality


This session will particularly focus on sexuality, exploring lesbian, gay, bisexual*, asexual and queer identities, to support colleagues to make their workplace inclusive of people who identify in these ways.