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Introduction to Trans Awareness


What is it?

An online course on Moodle that provides the opportunity to learn about the challenges that trans people can face. Those registering on the course will also develop:

  • An awareness of appropriate language use and understanding of relevant terminology.
  • An understanding of how to be trans-inclusive and how to become a trans-ally.
  • The ability to contribute towards dispelling myths and misunderstandings about trans people. 
  • The confidence to challenge inappropriate comments or behaviours.  
  • An awareness of the legislation surrounding trans people.
  • The ability to question prevailing normative structures relating to sex and gender.

Further resources to complement your knowledge include the Safe Zone workshop  and our Royal Holloway Equality and Diversity Good Practice Guides (which include the How to be a Trans Ally guide).

Target audience

The workshop is aimed at all staff (academic and professional services).

Programme objectives

To promote awareness of issues trans and non-binary people face and develop a pool of allies who will contribute towards further establishing the College as a diverse and inclusive space for staff and students.

Course length

The course is online and the course completion time will vary. On average 30 to 60 minutes would be exptected.

How to complete the course

Use this link to log in to Moodle with your College username and password.