College Training Programme


We offer training courses in a wide range of areas to assist the development of commonly required skills in the workplace.

Below is a full list of training courses currently provided by Organisational Development, and an overview of learning and development opportunities offered by other departments.

Please note: some courses may only be offered once per academic year. Please click on the link for the relevant title to find out the next date for the course you are interested in. Alternatively, please see the staff events calendar and filter by 'staff training' to see all our upcoming training dates. Where a course date is not available, please email us to add your name to the waiting list and we will let you know when a date is arranged.

If there is a particular area which you feel needs to be added to the programme, please contact us.



Upcoming events

Oct   29   2021

Optimum health and wellbeing morning session

This is a half-day foundation workshop designed to help participants achieve excellence in their physical, mental and emotional health.
Nov   02   2021

Introduction to Ethics

All researchers have to consider the ethical implications of their research. This session will provide an overview of ethical issues and the processes for obtaining ethical approval at College. Using examples and case studies, attendees will gain an understanding that can be applied to their research.
Nov   03   2021

Navigating Research Funding

Engaging with research funding can be a highly rewarding experience, but it needs to be understood within its wider context. The priorities of research funders do not emerge in isolation but are based on global, national, regional, institutional or more local drivers. Understanding these drivers is crucial when developing research projects as such knowledge will ensure that the right scheme or programme is targeted and that individual projects interact successfully with funder priorities. This session will provide participants with a broad understanding of the research funding landscape, which will be beneficial to those in the early stages of their research career or more senior colleagues who are looking to refresh their knowledge of research funding. Additionally, it will act as a useful introduction to discipline specific grant writing sessions which will also run as part of the Advance Programme.
Nov   04   2021

Time management

For those wanting to drive up their personal effectiveness in the modern workplace by becoming better masters of their time.