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How to book a training course


Log on to MyView to manage your training

Colleagues are able to manage training courses run by Organisational Development through MyView. This will enable you to see all your course bookings and completed training in one place. You can book and cancel a place on a course, and join a waiting list if courses are full or not yet scheduled. You can also view and download a copy of your development record including required mandatory training. In addition, managers can see the development records of their staff.

Please see our step by step guide for full instructions on managing your development through MyView.

You can also view the following demonstration videos:

If you have any questions or need help or further information, please contact Organisational Development.

Further information

Before you book

Ensure you get agreement from your manager before you book a place on a course. It is also important to make sure you have sufficient time to fully commit to the course. This will enable you to get the maximum benefit from attending.

If you can't attend

If you find that you cannot attend the course, please cancel your place through MyView as soon as possible. We may be able to offer your place to someone else.

Special requirements

If you have any special requirements, such as access or dietary needs, please email us to let us know.

Joining instructions

We will send you joining instructions, including links for online courses, approximately one week before the course is due to take place.

Waiting lists

If you have a training need but can’t attend any of the available dates, we encourage you to join the waiting list via MyView. This helps us to gauge the demand for the courses we offer and decide how frequently they should take place. We will contact you when a new date for the course is arranged and will do so for each new date added until three years after you joined the waiting list. You can also remove your name from a waiting list if you are no longer interested in the course.

Modular programmes

Modular programmes have multiple course dates, such as the Springboard and Aurora programmes. To help us allocate places appropriately, we ask colleagues to complete a short application form on MyView. When you submit the form, it will be automatically sent to your manager for approval before being considered by the relevant panel. The step by step guide tell you how to complete the form, which can be found in the My development forms section of MyView.


Most College training courses are free to the department. Where a departmental contribution is required, this will be made clear on the relevant intranet page. When you book a place on a course, please make every effort to attend to ensure value for money in the use of the College’s training resources.


We use both internal and external trainers. Where external trainers are used, we will share with them your name, job title and department, which can help them tailor content to the work area of the delegates for each course. 


Tea, coffee and water are usually provided for in person courses longer than two hours. Lunch is provided if this is stated in the joining instructions. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.


We want our training courses to be as sustainable as possible. Where refreshments are provided, you are welcome to bring your own cup instead of using a disposable one. You can also refill your water bottle at the nearest water station on campus. Instead of printing evaluation forms, we use online forms which can either be completed by scanning the QR code on the signing in sheet with your smartphone or via a link which we will send after the course.

Online training

Please see below some helpful tips for our online training:

  • Arrive in plenty of time to sign in to the meeting platform in case of any technical hitches.
  • We understand that everyone has different circumstances and you may need to attend to those you care for during the session.
  • If the training is on a platform other than MS Teams, please see IT guidance regarding the type of information that should be shared.
  • If you have them, a headset or earbuds can be useful to improve audio quality and avoid the session being overheard by others.
  • For longer sessions, we will plan regular breaks.
  • Try to find a quiet space which will enable you to give your full attention to the training. The trainer may mute participants when presenting to avoid interruptions from background noises.
  • The trainer may ask you to use the ‘raise hand’ button if you would like to ask a question.
  • The chat function is a useful way to post a question for the trainer to come back to at a suitable time. You can also use it to tell them if you need to take a break.
  • In accordance with College policy, please do not record the session.
  • To enable the session to be as interactive, effective and enjoyable as possible, please keep your video on. You can blur your background or select a picture to replace your home/office environment.
  • For the best experience using MS Teams, it is recommended to use the app rather than the browser version.
  • Be prepared to participate. We would like our courses to be as interactive as possible and encourage the use of breakout discussions, collaborative work (for example using a whiteboard or shared documents) and quizzes.

Training records

Attendance on Organisational Development courses will be recorded on the HR system and available to view and download through MyView within a few days of the course taking place. You are also able to see training delivered through Health and Safety, Commercial Services and Moodle. Line managers can see the training records of their staff too. 

Training completed in Moodle is uploaded to MyView once a month. Please note that past completions of some Moodle courses were only possible to upload from 1 August 2019 so you may not see all courses you completed before this date.

Please see the step by step guide for instructions on accessing these reports.

Mandatory training

MyView can provide a report of the mandatory training relevant to your role, whether you have completed them and the deadline for renewal. Please note that these are courses which apply to broad staff groups and there may be additional courses, which are specific to your post. Please refer to the step by step guide for instructions on accessing this report.

Find out more about mandatory training at the College.


We will send you a link to an anonymous evaluation form after the course. It is very helpful to receive feedback so please do complete the form. We will also send you a follow-up survey approximately one month after the course to find out whether you have been able to put your learning into practice.