Leading collaboration


Leading collaboration

What is it?

Develop the skills and attributes required in yourself as a manager and your team to generate a culture of collaboration amongst and between teams

Target audience

Those with formal line or project team management responsibility who need to build better collaboration within their own team and across other teams

Programme objectives

  • Understand the role of a manager in generating collaboration within and between teams
  • Clarify and agree what collaboration means and what it looks like
  • How to bring down barriers and resistance to collaboration
  • Build awareness of different cultures and perspectives and generate a mind-set of inclusive collaboration
  • Build trust and consensus, managing accountability and conflict

Programme content

  • What is collaboration and who are the stakeholders? (Building a stakeholder map)
  • What barriers can there be to working collaboratively?
  • How to influence an outcome (Instant influencing technique)
  • What is your role as a manager in role modelling collaboration within and between teams
  • Aligning the words, actions and behaviours to demonstrate an openness and willingness to work collaboratively
  • Dealing with the barriers – approaches
  • The importance of consistency in approach
  • Dealing with differences – culture and perspectives
  • Is trust earnt or built? (Lencioni model)
  • Where does trust fit in when working collaboratively?
  • The impact of lack of trust? What else will not happen without trust
  • Creating consensus building on contractual, social and psychological needs
  • Building accountability and responsibly to lead to success outcomes and delivery
  • Creating an aligned environment versus a blame culture
  • The importance of celebration and recognition

Course length

Full-day course. 

Programme dates

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