Managing conflict in the team


Managing conflict in the team

What is it?

Through a mixture of discussion, feedback, group exercises and skills practice, this one day workshop will equip you with the skills and behaviours to manage conflict in teams whilst maintaining performance and morale.

Target audience

Those responsible for leading either fixed or project teams

Programme objectives

  • Understand different types of conflict, how and why it arises
  • Raise awareness of different reactions and emotions conflict induces
  • Appreciate how their own style might exacerbate conflict or induce false harmony
  • Distinguish between destructive conflict and healthy disagreement
  • Strategies for conflict resolution and communicating effectively
  • Managing the team after conflict – what needs to change in them and you?

Programme content

  • What is conflict? How and why conflict arises.
  • Sources of conflict
  • The skills required to give constructive feedback
  • Listening skills
  • Your role as a leader in dealing with conflict
  • Managing emotions
  • Managing conflict solutions
  • What is your natural style when dealing with issues – does this help or hinder the situation?
  • The importance of planning and preparation
  • Start with the end in mind – what outcome are you looking for?
  • How to bring around this outcome
  • Getting your message across effectively
  • Has the message been understood and accepted in the way intended?
  • Dealing with positions and wants in conflict
  • The importance of follow up
  • Post conflict – what’s changed/needs to change?

Course length

Full-day course.

 Programme dates

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