Preventing illegal working

What is it?

This e-learning course provides an overview the UK Border Agency requirements for employees and the prevention of illegal working.  It outlines how to perform Right to Work checks correctly when employing staff in any capacity at the College.

Target audience

All recruiting managers and staff who perform Right to Work checks are required to undertake this e-learning course.

Programme content

 The course takes about twenty minutes to complete and covers:

  • The legal framework
  • Who needs a Right to Work documentation check and when this must be carried out
  • The 3 step process for Right to Work checks
  • Documentary proof
  • Tools to enable you to undertake this check correctly

 The course is finished with a quiz to test your understanding.

Click here to access the course.  If you are already logged into Moodle this link will take you straight to the course.  If not, please login first and then use the Course search “Preventing Illegal Working.”