Optimal productivity and project management


Staff working in higher education today have many calls on their time and need to respond to the challenges the sector faces.  Often, this will involve working on projects to deliver an excellent service for students and achieve continuous improvement. These courses are aimed at enabling people to develop skills to manage projects, their day-to-day work and their time effectively.

Introduction to project management

This two-day course provides a project management toolkit to maximize your personal impact in the workplace.

Time management

A half-day course to help you develop tools, methodologies and a mindset to take control of your work quickly and improve your effectiveness.

Task switching and optimum productivity

Following on from the Time Management course, this half-day will help you manage task switching effectively to improve personal productivity.

Further information

When work life is busy, it’s important to remember to care for your body and mind too. See what’s on offer in our health and wellbeing section.



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