Emotional intelligence

Target audience

This workshop will explain emotional intelligence in everyday terms and enable delegates to understand their own levels and styles. It is open to anyone wanting to understand more about how this emerging social science is relevant to their interactions, performance and ability to understand themselves and those around them.

Programme objectives

  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and how it is a significant element of relationship building at work.
  • To develop your own emotional intelligence profile, using the Emotional Quotient Inventory.
  • To build own action plans to build on delegates’ natural strengths and to develop further emotional intelligence.
  • Understand how to maximise on your own strengths of emotional intelligence.
  • Know where and how to improve your emotional intelligence.
  • Consider how Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in the changing culture of Royal Holloway

Programme components

Emotional intelligence is an explanation of how individuals engage with their emotions and the emotions of others. Having a more in depth appreciation of this can enhance interactions, performance and team development. Delegates will learn more about themselves and those around them. This will improve self-awareness, self-confidence and improved working relationships.

This workshop will provide an introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI), a look at BarOn’s primary work on this area and the use of a BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory tool (EQ-i) for delegates to explore their own EI. This will provide the foundation to consider the areas of EI and how delegates can develop skills in different areas, where required.

The workshop will explore the key areas of BarOn’s  EI; intrapersonal; interpersonal; stress management; adaptability and general mood. These are the 5 key areas which BarOn put into his initial model of EI. The workshop will cover additional interpretations of the model using Goleman and Stein.

Course length

Half-day course.

 Programme dates

There are no scheduled upcoming events. If this is a Human Resources event, please check back soon or e-mail orgdevroyalholloway.ac.uk to join the waiting list.