The Advance Programme

The Advance Programme is a series of workshops designed to support the College's research activity, by developing leadership and providing opportunities to share expertise in this area.

The Advance Programme: Advancing your professional and personal development in research and impact

The Advance Programme is Royal Holloway’s development programme for all staff involved in research.  It will provide professional and personal development opportunities that will enable you to continue to improve your research skills and will underpin Royal Holloway’s research strategy.

The Advance Programme replaces the “On Track” programme aiming to encompass a broader range of opportunities and will be delivered collaboratively by Research and Innovation (R&I) and the Organisational Development Team (ODT). 

It will provide a tailor made package which will include: courses, short workshops, online provision and other activities - all designed to meet your development requirements.


Who is it for?

The Advance Programme is opened to all research, academic and teaching staff (including Early Career Researchers and Technicians).


Purpose of the Advance Programme

The Advance programme aims to provide you with the opportunity to:

      • Get the most out of your current research activity at Royal Holloway
      • Build your confidence in further developing your research skills
      • Identify and plan your own personal and professional development
      • Help fulfil your potential to succeed in a highly competitive research environment.



Our goal is to advance the professional and personal development of all our researchers.


Training Programme

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