Applying to Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (Sciences)


What is it?

The ability to understand research funding and write successful applications is key at all career stages. This session will provide participants with a broad understanding of the aims and requirements of Postdoctoral Research Fellowships particularly from UKRI and other major UK funders. It will also provide useful advice on how to write an application and increase your chances of success. Speakers in this session are from academia and from the Research and Innovation team.

Programme Objective

To provide guidance on the type of research fellowship schemes that are available to Postdoctoral Researchers and how to increase their chances of success. PhDs and newly appointed lecturers may find this useful too.

Target Audience

Postdoctoral Researchers from science areas as well as PhDs and other Early career researchers / academics are welcome to attend.


There are no scheduled upcoming events. If this is a Human Resources event, please check back soon or e-mail to join the waiting list.