Social Media 101


This event is aimed at researchers and academic staff who are new to using social media.


Aim: To introduce researchers to Twitter and other social media platforms and apps useful in promoting their teaching and research. To guide them through the first steps and give them confidence catching up is possible and relatively easy.

Objectives: At the end of the ½ day workshop staff will have:

  • Considered the strengths and weaknesses of using social media for promoting and supporting their teaching and research.
  • Depending on the experience on Twitter, set up or reviewed their Twitter account.
  • Reviewed a few leading social media platforms with a view of promoting and disseminating their work, and established individual social media goals for the next few months.
  • Learned and practised basic rules of taking good photos (and videos) for social media, using their smartphone.

The session is open to staff who have not yet embraced social media or never fully engaged or would like to rekindle their interest; beginners and false beginners etc. No experience necessary, but curiosity expected. A perfect session for those who suspect they may be missing out on something. 

The workshop will include a mixture of group discussion and practical work using your smartphone.  Please bring your smartphone whatever the model or make and/or a tablet as well as your laptop. Before the workshop you will be asked to fill in short survey in order to tailor the session best to your needs.


Workshop content:

  • A few facts about social media platforms in higher education
  • Let’s get going on Twitter, and maybe Instagram, too
  • What and how to tweet/post
  • How to impress with your own photos in your feed

There are no scheduled upcoming events. If this is a Human Resources event, please check back soon or e-mail to join the waiting list.