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Working well from campus


As we begin a more expansive return to campus working, it is important that each individual staff member feels as comfortable and confident as possible about that return, and work is progressing at the College to ensure that all practicable safety measures are in place.

We anticipate that there will be a variety of responses and reactions to the prospect of colleagues returning to campus working life.  Understanding the reasons for anxiety and the accommodation of personal circumstances as far as operational demands allow is key to ensuring all members of our community feel supported. Every staff member will be offered an opportunity to talk in confidence with their manager to air any concerns.

On the working well hub, you will find information on Equality & Diversity activities and considerations around returning to campus (including on Equality Impact Assessments), issues associated with personal circumstances and a range of information that will hopefully provide you with the reassurance and confidence you are seeking around your return to your place of work.

What working from campus will be like

Hear from Dougie Searle, Director of Health and Safety, on what working from campus will be like in the 2020/21 academic year, in a range of videos on this page

Staff Q&A

Watch a recording of our staff Q&A that took place on Friday 4 September, using this link.

Staff Hidden disabilities `Sunflower' request form

If you would like to carry a `Sunflower' card and lanyard, please complete this form.

A covid-secure campus

Find health and safety guidance and information, along with a range of videos and Dougie Searle’s health and safety blog


Returning to Campus

Information on individual circumstances if you are returning to working from campus

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Practical and wellbeing support if you are working from campus



Find out about EDI activities and considerations around working from campus, including our Equality Impact Assessment.