Presentation skills

Target audience

This workshop will explore delegates’ current presentation style, provide enhanced delivery techniques and coach staff on how to be more compelling when presenting.

This is a workshop for delegates who would like to be more confident in their presentation style and to know how to have more impact when they give a presentation.

This workshop will suit you if you could like to build your confidence when presenting, from conversations to larger presentations you will learn how to create a presentation and pick up some techniques in how to deliver it.

Programme objectives

  • Know more about your own style, and how to maximise it.
  • Understand how to prepare for a presentation to gain maximum impact.
  • Build coherent messages for a mixture of audiences.
  • Adapt to what is happening in the room.
  • Tell engaging stories to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Use humour as an engagement tool.
  • Handle questions truthfully and helpfully.
  • Gain confidence as a presenter.
  • Use breathing techniques to manage nerves and look more confident.
  • Know how to manage difficult audiences, individuals and groups.
  • Consider alternative techniques, use of panels and questions.
  • Know how to use timing to your advantage.
  • Understand how to lead an audience to a place of agreement.

Programme components

You will explore a range of techniques to create effective presentations, ensure content is accessible and interesting. It is important that you know who you are presenting to and what they need to know in order to create your presentation. The workshop will demonstrate a range of resources including powerpoint, Presie, flip charts, white boards, smart boards post-it notes and discuss when and how to use these with impact.

The exciting part of this workshop is where you learn to be more confident in your own style, tell your stories, use humour, engage an audience, build rapport, and have impact on an audience as they enjoy listening to you.

The facilitator will coaching you as a group and individually on your style, offer tips and advice which will develop you and lead you into new techniques suitable for you.

After this workshop you will enjoy giving presentations and see how you can have an impact on other people

Course length

Full-day course.

Programme dates

There are no scheduled upcoming events. If this is a Human Resources event, please check back soon or e-mail to join the waiting list.