Planning ahead for retirement

What is it?

The 'r' word has been a hot topic since the disappearance of the traditional retirement age. The decision is yours whether sooner or later the 'p' word, planning, is equally important.

Early planning is essential. There are a variety of choices, and those who are partnered will need to identify individual and joint preferences. Some just want to do nothing for a while. Many in academia develop a broad portfolio which may include generating income, research, consultancy or continuing to teach. Other options include contributing to the community, personal development for interest not career, or just trying new and different things. Opportunities have never been more diverse.

Target audience

All staff who are planning on retiring several years from now.

Programme objectives

Consider your answers to these questions:

  • What do you really want from this next and most rewarding of phases?
  • What are your priorities and, if relevant, those of your partner?
  • What are the implications of those priorities?
  • How will you adapt to this major life change; what are the real issues?
  • What will be the daily structure?
  • How will you use the quality time available?
  • What are the options; can you develop a varied portfolio?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What will put the fizz into your new lifestyle?

Programme components

Life is for living and while some enjoy the leisured-freedom they have always prized, others grasp the challenge of new interests. Yet some find it rewarding to utilise a lifetime of knowledge and skills to contribute to the community or generate income. All these issues and more make up this friendly, intereactive event, which is led by experienced presenters.

Course length

Full-day course.

Programme dates

There are no scheduled upcoming events. If this is a Human Resources event, please check back soon or e-mail to join the waiting list.