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Communication and collaboration

Strong communication skills are essential for effective collaboration. These courses focus on promoting successful dialogue across the College and with partners to enable effective collaboration.

Communicating and engaging with people

This workshop will provide an insight into working with different people by understanding what motivates them and using communication effectively to engage with them. It is open to anyone wishing to improve their own personal levels of communication and improve interaction.

English language coaching

1-1 coaching to develop English language & communication skills for non-native speaking staff.

Languages for All

 Beginner and intermediate level Mandarin, French, German, Italian and Spanish courses.

Lead productive meetings

This workshop is aimed at any staff who need to chair energising, productive meetings, fulfilling objectives whilst achieving active and positive participation. The workshop will be useful to anyone interested in developing this area of skills.

Networking skills

If you are put off networking because you believe it is all about elevator pitches and shameless self-promotion then you may want to take this opportunity to view it differently. This short session is one of three new workshops focusing on skills key to getting the most from your career.

Speaking the truth to power

This workshop will develop skills to enable individuals to create and present feedback to colleagues, including leaders, in a balanced, constructive and influential way.

Train the trainer

Would you like to be able to deliver Training in an engaging and interactive way?Are you keen to learn how to make your training relevant and interactive?Do you suffer from nerves when faced with a room full of people?Are you a complete beginner and would like to know how to structure a training session and what to include?If any of these apply to you, come along to the 'Train the Trainer' workshop!



Upcoming events

Oct   24   2019

Train the Trainer

Fully booked. To join the waiting list, please contact Organisational Development.