Conducting 1-2-1s

What is it?

This workshop will provide skills to allow delegates to perform effective 1:1 meetings.

Target audience

Managers who wish to conduct effective 1:1 meetings with your team members.

Programme objectives

  • Understand the context for 1:1s and why they are considered a fundamental part of modern management
  • Set and manage the environment for effective 1:1s
  • Structure the meeting effectively
  • Handle the dynamics of the meeting

Programme components

  • How this workshop aligns to the Royal Holloway Leadership Behaviours Framework
  • What makes an effective 1:1 meeting and why they are important
  • Planning for them; what should be included
  • The skills involved – active listening and effective questions
  • Setting objectives, expectations and clear direction
  • The importance of follow up

Course length

Half-day course.

Programme dates

Event name Date Time Location Description
Conducting 1-2-1s 04/12/2019 13:30 - 16:30 Gowar & Wedderburn Common Room Fully booked. To join the waiting list, please contact Organisational Development. Register