Departmental Contacts


Please get in touch with Penelope Smith or Doug Cowie for more information about the UCU contact in your department.

The role of the UCU Departmental representative

Royal Holloway UCU Departmental representatives are often the first point of contact for members and non-members in your Department. What you can do..............

Distribute information leaflets and put up posters in your department - if you need UCU materials please get in touch with Penelope Smith;

Introduce yourself to newly appointed academic, professional, research staff and postgraduate students who teach, and talk to them about the work of the branch and the benefits of becoming a member of the UCU. Some new staff may already be UCU members at another branch - please encourage them to update their membership records to reflect their move to Royal Holloway (MyUCU).

Anti-casualisation is a national and local priority. Your colleagues on non-permanent contracts may need support from the branch - encourage them to join the UCU. Did you know that postgraduates who teach are entitled to free membership for a year?

Keep the branch committee informed about department issues: get support - get organised  - take action. Email: rhulucu2018 at

Encourage members to keep up to date with branch priorities by reading emails, following the blog and twitter, and attending  RH UCU meetings

Your action is needed to support campaigns such as “Get The Vote Out”, which occurs when our National office is balloting for action on campaign issues, such as pensions and pay.

If UCU members come to you asking for support in a job-related matter please refer them to the information on the advice and support pages and to the Casework Protocol and ask them to get in touch with the casework co-odinator and UCU branch organiser, Penelope Smith.

The Committee encourages more than one contact for each Department so please get in touch if you would like to share the role with a colleague.

Handbook & UCU Rep training

UCU produce a handbook for UCU representatives to help with the role. The handbook brings together information on the role of a representative and draws upon may of the existing resources, along with materials from UCU training programme. It also includes comments and tips provided by existing representatives and contacts, along with providing links to other sources of detailed information. Training is offered by the UCU for a number of specific. As a UCU representative you are allowed to take paid time off work to undertake this training.

Occasional meetings

We aim to organise occasional get togethers for Departmental Reps - to share experiences, information and concerns with each other and with members of the Branch Committee. We will contact you via email to arrange these.

Why not arrange to meet with other UCU members in your department over lunch, to discuss work related issues? Ask a member of the Committee to attend and feedback any matters that your department would like support to take further. Contact Penelope Smith or rhulucu2018 at

Departmental Contacts

Please get in touch with Penelope Smith or Doug Cowie for more information about the UCU contact in your department.