How can members get more involved?


Why get more involved?

  • Gain an increased understanding about what is happening in the University.
  • Identify issues of concern to you and your colleagues and raise them to the attention of the Union.
  • Influence the University and the Union activity in areas of particular interest to you.
  • Help improve terms and conditions for members.
  • Help colleagues when they experience difficulties at work.
  • Find out about Employment law.

Join the Committee

If you are interested in joining the Committee then please get in contact with one of the Committee members to discuss what is involved. Elections take place at the AGM in the Spring term but members may be co-opted onto the Committee at any time. Nomintion forms are published in April each year. Follow the link on the Committee page

Other ways to get involved

The Royal Holloway local area Committee  works hard on your behalf to protect members, promote good use of policies and procedures and prevent unnecessary redundancies and the closure of departments.

Please get involved in any way that you can:

Find out about facilities time to assist the UCU branch.

If you would like to become more active or have any ideas please contact Penelope Smith or rhulucu2018 at


Facilities time

Trade Union lay officials have the right to time to carry out trade union duties this is called facilities time.