Accommodation fees during lockdown FAQs



How do I apply?

Details are above and the link to the application form is here.

Can I cancel my contract?

The ‘stay at home’ instruction from government will be reviewed and announced on 22 February and we are planning to return to on campus face-to-face teaching as soon as we can. Given those circumstances, there is not an option to cancel your contract.   

Can I come back to my room on campus?

You can come back to your room if you are unable to study in your current location. You would then be required to ‘stay at home’ on campus and not travel and your rent would be payable.  

Can I be away for just part of this time?

You cannot choose to be away for part of the time as the ‘stay at home’ instruction from government prevents travel between locations. 

I left before Christmas can I have a refund from when I left?

The rent removal applies to accommodation costs incurred during the government lockdown announced on 4 January. A £150 rebate was credited to eligible students' accounts in December to reflect the government travel window before Christmas.

Can I come back and collect belongings?

Government guidance states: Students should avoid returning to university to collect any of their belongings which they may have left at their university accommodation over the winter break. However, students can travel back to collect any medical equipment or items required for online learning if it is essential.

If you have opted to have your accommodation fees removed until 22 February, you will need to let us know when you are attending campus so we can arrange temporary access to your room. Email customerservices@royalholloway.ac.uk.

What happens if lock down ends early?

We do not expect the lockdown to end before 22 February, but we will keep things under review and update you if there are any changes.

What if lockdown is extended and I cannot return after 22 February?

The College will keep the situation under review. You will not be charged for your room if government restrictions prevent you from using it.

If I apply for the rent removal and find I cannot study at home can I change my mind and return to my accommodation?

If you are unable to study at home, you are permitted to return to campus but cannot then return home until after lockdown ends. If you have applied to have rent removed for the lockdown period, you will need to notify studentservices@royalholloway.ac.uk so access to your room can be arranged and your rent removal cancelled from the date you return.

What happens if I want to stay away longer?

The ‘stay at home’ instruction from government will be reviewed by 22 February and we are planning to return for on campus face-to-face teaching as soon as we can. We will encourage students to return to campus and rent to on campus accommodation will apply.

I have not yet moved in or taken up my contract can I hold my contract until I move in?

If you have not taken up your accommodation by the end of February, then your contract will be cancelled. Once your travel arrangements are confirmed please contact studentservices@royalholloway.ac.uk to discuss your accommodation options.

What about students who don’t live in campus accommodation, can you help them?

We do not have a formal agreement with these providers but we have made them aware of our plans. The College and Students’ Union (SU) issued a joint letter to private halls and local landlords. 

I am on a 30 week contract how does this affect me?

If you submit an application to have rent removed for the lockdown period, this will apply from 10 January to 22 February

When will I need to pay my accommodation fees?

If you are on campus, please pay your fees in the usual way. If you are not on campus and apply to have rent removed, please plan to pay your fees by the end of February, this will be reviewed if lockdown is extended.

What about term one fees?

If you lived in Halls in term one, any outstanding rent owed prior to 4 January 2021 must be paid.

Will I still get the £150 off my rent that you promised from term one?

If you were eligible, this has already been applied to your account. Any overpayment will be credited to term three or refunded at the end of the academic year, if applicable.

What applies to me if I am already living in the accommodation?

Students who are in their accommodation should pay in the usual way, the £150 credit has already been applied.

Can I leave now and claim the rent removal?


The government ‘stay at home’ instruction restricts you from leaving your accommodation and travelling to another location, unless you are moving for wellbeing reasons.

How much is my rent being reduced by if I apply to have rent removed for the lockdown period?

Accommodation fees will not be charged from 4 January (10 January for students on 30 week contracts) to 22 February by way of a full credit which will appear on your account. The amount will vary depending on your hall and will appear in your Campus Connect account by mid-February.