Domestic travel



I will be arriving on campus from within the UK, do I need to get tested for Covid-19?

All new and returning students from within the UK are required to take lateral flow Covid tests as soon as possible on arrival on campus. This will help identify and isolate those who are asymptomatic but could spread the virus. We will be offering testing facilities to give students two lateral flow tests in order to help control the spread of the virus. The link to book your test is here.

Can I come back to campus during the current lockdown?

The current guidance as of Monday (22 February 2021) is that you can come back to your room if you are unable to study in your current location. You would then be required to ‘stay at home’ on campus and not travel and your rent would be payable. If you chose to come back to campus we ask that you email our Student Services team to cancel any rent removal and email Customer Services to have rooms unlocked. You will need to give the team five days notice.

What if I'm exempt from getting a test?

All students are expected to take two lateral flow tests (LFT) on your return to campus unless you are exempt. For more information on self-declaration if you are exempt from testing, please see here.