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Thanks for testing


If you are on campus, living in accommodation, or living locally and using campus facilities, it is important that you to take part in twice-weekly lateral flow testing to enable us to play our part in helping to control the spread of Covid-19.

As a thank you for taking part in testing, we have created a rewards programme that allows you to earn rewards for you and your favourite club, society or student volunteering programme.

Support a good cause

When you arrive at the Picture Gallery for your lateral flow test, you will be given a strip of four barcodes, but only two of them will be used in the testing process. Once you have completed your test, on your way out of the Picture Gallery, there will be three bins that each represent a different cause. For each barcode strip you place into a ‘Good Cause Pot’, as a College we will donate 50p to your chosen cause. Therefore, if one of the causes received a total of 400 barcodes, at the end of term we will donate £200 to that cause.

The three good causes that we are supporting are; the Students’ Union Student Groups Access Fund, the student-led volunteering projects and the Community Garden. More information about these can be found below.

You have an opportunity to donate your barcode into one of our Good Cause Pots every time that you take a lateral flow test. You do not need to select the same cause every time.

Students’ Union Clubs and Societies Access Fund

At the Students’ Union we know that some students can find it hard financially to access all aspects of student life, and for some it can have a detrimental impact on their time and experience as a student. The Access Fund has been established specifically to support students who may have additional financial needs or struggle to access our student group offering. It aims to help students by lessening the financial barrier to entry of group’s activities, therefore enabling all students from all backgrounds to get involved in the student group activity of their choice.

Royal Holloway Community Garden

Community Garden is a student-led project that tends to an outdoor space based on campus. Throughout the year, we encourage other students to look after their wellbeing by bringing them closer to nature. The initiative includes planting sessions to care for the garden, with first pick of any produce grown, and seasonal forages such as chestnut and blackberry walks. Furthermore, we volunteer with local schools, hospitals, and community hubs to help them create and maintain their green spaces too.

We are looking to expand the opportunity to include a greenhouse so we can grow a wider variety of plants such as tomatoes and chilli peppers. This can benefit you too as you will have access to the space for relaxing or outdoor study sessions, and chance to share in the produce that we grow.

Then we would like to create a mini orchard with fruit trees and bushes, available to the student body, giving both enjoyable summer and autumn fruit-picking activities, providing fresh and healthy food and giving greater scope for future activities in the garden.

We have lots of exciting plans that we need help doing, so feel free to join our team of volunteers and get stuck in!

Isa, Tom, and Maggy

Community Garden student team

Here is our Facebook and Instagram:

Community Garden – Royal Holloway Volunteering 2020-21

Volunteering projects

Royal Holloway Volunteering is looking to set up a new dynamic and engaging Volunteering Hub at the heart of campus. This hub will be the one-stop shop for all things volunteering; whether that be taking on a role with a community partner organisation, joining a social action project, supporting community research, getting active with sports volunteering, or becoming a global citizen with volunteering abroad.

Your contribution will be vital to turn this space into student-centric environment with our student leaders determining the best use of funds to bring to life a hub full of inspiration and positivity. This may include acquiring equipment or supplies that will help support outworking of student-led projects, plan campus charitable events and grow community volunteering initiatives, building a movement led by students using the hub as a base to communicate and come together.

Money off at our food outlets

All students and staff who take part in twice-weekly lateral flow testing will be able to redeem £1 off food or drink at any College or Students’ Union food outlet when two test registration cards with barcodes are handed in at the till. You will be provided with a test registration card when you arrive at the Picture Gallery for your lateral flow test. Please keep these cards to be able to redeem the £1 off any food or drink.

Please note, we advise waiting until you have received your test results before redeeming your £1 discount, just in case one of your barcodes is needed again.

Support your club or society

When you take a lateral flow test, you will also have the option to support a club or society of your choice. All you need to do is scan you student card at the ATS when you test and register your student email address and student number using this form, any time before the end of term (11 June). As a College, we will then donate 50p per test, up to two tests a week, to the club or society that you have selected. 

Data protection

Further information of the data we are collecting and the use it is being put to can be found here.