Pay for things with your College Card

Find out how to pay for things on campus with your College Card

Your Campus Account card

All of our College-run outlets are cashless. We are aware that when starting university, some students will not yet have a bank account and if you’re an international student, you may not have a UK bank account when you arrive in the UK to study. To facilitate this, all students will be able to top up their College Card account before arriving on campus, using Upay

Benefits of your Campus Account

Saving using your Campus Account

Say our lasagne costs you £3.58 a portion.

If you’re living in Catered Halls you get 50% discount on the food prepared and cooked in Founders, Kingswood & HUB Dining Halls, plus you do not need to pay 20% VAT. That means that £3.58 lasagne actually only costs you £1.70 at the till.

If you're not a catered student, the lasagne would still only cost you £3, as you won't have to pay the VAT.

All you have to do is pay with your College Card!

As a student using your Campus Account, you will not be required to pay the VAT (that's the 20% 'Value Added Tax' levied by the government) on many of the food and beverage purchases you make in the Campus Services catering outlets. If you are resident in a ‘catered-pay-as-you-go’ hall you will receive a further subsidy on the food purchases you make in the designated dining halls (around 50%).

There's also a ‘Spend Eat Save’ Loyalty Scheme attached to your account. With every purchase you make you will accrue bonus points, which can be redeemed throughout the year for credit to your Campus Account, equivalent to 1p for every pound that you spend. You will also receive an ‘overdraft’ of up to £2 until the third term of every academic year, when any debit balances must be repaid.

Using your Campus Account is a lot more secure than cash. Your College Card carries a photograph of you, which decreases the likelihood of it being used fraudulently.

Activating your Account

In order to access your account online for the first time, you will need your student number. This will be sent to you via email with your enrolment details.

Go to Upay and enter the Affiliate / Company ID ROYALHOLLOWAY, then enter your student number in the User ID or Card ID field and set up the email you would like to be used with the account.

Crediting and managing your Campus Account

Once you have opened your account, the quickest and easiest way to manage it is to top up online where you can also:

  • view your statement and current balance to keep track of your spending
  • set your designated credit or debit card to automatically top up your account when your balance reaches a pre-determined limit, so that you always have credit in your account
  • set an email reminder to be sent when your balance reaches a pre-determined limit.

The online and mobile phone top up service is free to use and allows you to avoid queues when you want to credit your account. There are also various self-service top-up machines around campus where you can credit your account during opening hours, and you can also top-up your account at Halls Receptions too.

Manage your Campus Account

Top-up and check your Campus Account balance online

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