Kingswood Dining area

Kingswood dining hall


Eat Well Day - Wednesday 19 February 

We'll be serving Polynesian tempeh wings with coconut rice, vegetable and bean brown rice fajita bowls, tofu and orange skewers with a pineapple and chilli quinoa, with sides of broccoli and cauliflower.

This is a newly refurbished eating and social space for Kingswood residents, where you can enjoy a home-style dinner in an informal atmosphere. Anyone living in Kingswood can use their Campus Account to make the most of their discount.

Thursday night events in the bar 

We have events planned every Thursday evening until the end of term, starting at 7.30 and they are free to enter!  Take a look at the full schedule of events.

News in the Hood

Take a look at our new newslettter "News in the Hood", specifically for Kingswood residents.

Missing a favourite meal from home? Let the team at Kingswood know and they will give it a go – they can’t guarantee it’ll taste exactly the same as you get at home, but they will do their best!

Location Main building in Kingswood – turn left at the main reception
Monday to Sunday dinner 6-7.30pm


Menu week 1 (w/c 13/01, 3/02, 24/02 and 16/03)
Menu week 2 (w/c 20/01, 10/02, 2/03 and 23/03)
Menu week 3 (w/c 27/01, 17/02 and 9/03)

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