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Inter-Library Loans Policy 

The Library's official policy for the Inter-Library Loans service is included in its Collection Management and Development Policy, under bullet 6.4.1. The latest version of the policy (Oct 2015) can be accessed here.

Requests may only be made for material that supports learning and research at Royal Holloway.

You may request an item that is not held in library stock or as part of Senate House Library's electronic collections. If the item you require is currently on loan, you need to place a hold on it via LibrarySearch. (See: reserve an item)

Materials for postgraduate taught and undergraduate courses should be provided from the library's own collections. If an item recommended on a reading list is not in the library, please let us know via the suggest a book form. However, if you are a postgraduate taught student or an undergraduate in your second or third year, you may use the ILL service when you are working on your dissertation.

When requesting an article it is good practice to read the abstract of the paper before submitting a request to ensure that the article is what you require.

If you need an item urgently, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee next day delivery or delivery within a few days, as it will depend on the item requested. If you do need the item urgently, we suggest you contact the Information Consultant (IC) for your department who will be able to advise you. (See: IC contact details)

Similarly if you make a very large number of requests, our Information Consultants or ILL staff may consult you to discuss whether other options may be more suitable.

Please note that some loans of books and journals are 'For Use in the Library Only'. These cannot be removed from the library. In most cases the usual copyright restrictions regarding printed items will apply to these items; however, some Library Only items cannot be photocopied and this will be stated clearly within the item.

Conditions: receiving an ILL item as .pdf on your personal computer

Only items sourced from the British Library can be sent to your personal email address in .pdf format. Items sourced from any other library will be sent to the Royal Holloway Inter-Library Loans team, who will then print the document and send it to your department. You will need to go to your department to confirm arrival of your document. Alternatively, contact to check if your item has arrived.

If you are able to receive the item as a .pdf file on your personal computer:

  • If not already installed, you must download FileOpen in order to read your .pdf.
  • Once you open the file on your PC, you will only be able to open it on that one PC.
  • For this reason, if you wish to print you should ensure your PC is connected to a printer. Otherwise, do not open the link in the email but forward the email message to the ILL team at: We will then print off the document and send it to you at your department.
  • Your item will only be available for download within 30 days, so we recommend downloading the item as soon as you receive the link. If you re-submit a request for the item after 30 days, you may need to pay a fee.
  • If you wish to, you will need to print within 14 days.
  • You may only print an item once, but after download, you can view the document on the same PC for up to 3 years.

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