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Pure is Royal Holloway's research information system.

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Pure provides a single location to store information about research, such as publications, collaborations, research projects and grants etc and the associations between them. Having been entered into Pure once, data can be used for a variety of purposes, including automatic population of personal and research group web pages and creating CVs and bibliographies. Pure is designed to make it as easy as possible to keep information about research up-to-date, providing ongoing visibility of research activities at the College.

Current status

As of September 2017, Pure contains information on over 31,500 research outputs from 1000 staff, along within details of over 2,300 research projects. It also lists details of over 1,200 current research students. Pure was launched at Royal Holloway in September 2010.

Pure Policy

In May 2011 the College Research Committee approved the policy on the population and maintenance of the Pure research information system. This document lays out the key principles of its organisation and usage as well as explaining the roles and responsibilities for the population and maintenance of data within Pure, including the crucial part played by individual members of academic staff. More details and the policy can be found in the Pure Policy section.

Pure and the next REF

Pure is being used to collect and analyse information for the next REF in 2021 and was used to prepare and return Royal Holloway's submission to the Research Excellence Framework 2014. It is essential that Pure profiles are updated regularly by staff. View the REF open access pages to find out how to record information in Pure to meet the Open Access requirements.

Pure Awards Management Module

Pure is used as a repository for storing all research grant application and award data for the College. Currently all information in Pure related to grant applications and awards is administered solely by R&E. Applications will be added to Pure as they are approved/submitted and they will be updated when we are advised of the outcome. The information in Pure is used to report to the College's Research Committees and Heads of Departments therefore please inform R&E when you become aware of the outcome of any grant proposals, including those that are unsuccessful.

Pure and Research Data Management

Figshare, the College's research data catalogue, is available for academics to record information about their datasets, share and obtain long-term storage for their data. It is College policy that researchers provide a Data Access Statement along with all publications submitted to Pure stating where the underpinning data can be accessed.

More information about research data can be found on the Research data management pages.

Pure and Open Access

Pure provides Open Access to research publications, which enables research outputs to be made openly available for anyone to read and download. 

Pure and the College website

The Pure portal provides the researcher profiles on the College website. Departments can decide how Pure integrates with their Contensis generated websites.

Pure and Researchfish (RCUK)

The collection of outcomes information is done through a system called Researchfish. Researchfish does not have the capability of handling bulk uploads from research information systems such as Pure. It is essential that information in Pure is kept up-to-date and links made between outputs and projects because this information is used for reporting to RCUK on our Open Access compliance status.

View Royal Holloway's research outputs and researcher profiles

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