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Peer Guidance Resources


Below you will be able to find resources and information that Peer Guides will share with their assigned undergraduate students over the first four weeks of term.

These documents will also be posted in department Peer Support teams on Microsoft Teams. Make sure to check 'Files' within the General channel of your team.

Week 1 - Getting Connected

This week will cover the use of Microsoft Teams and Moodle, as well as more generally advice on getting connected virtually. Information about on-campus WiFi, VPN, free software and the Welcome to RH app will all be included.

  • Click here for information on Microsoft Teams and other software.
  • Click here for information on our IT Services.

Week 2 - Getting Involved

This week goes over the many ways to get involved when studying at Royal Holloway, whether it be on-campus opportunities, virtual events, Sports Clubs and Societies, and ways to stay active.

  • Click here for information on how to get involved at Royal Holloway.

Week 3 - Supporting You

This week will look at support available to students both on and off-campus now term has begun. Information about Student Wellbeing and Advisory services is included, along with information of self-isolating and further support

  • Click here for information on how we can support you at Royal Holloway.

Week 4 - Academic Support and the Academic Rep scheme

This final week covers academic support available to students (Library, CeDAS) and places emphasis on the Academic Rep scheme. This Students’ Union run initiative will be the primary resource that Peer Guides signpost their assigned students to after the fourth and final week of Peer Guidance (though Peer Guides and their assigned students may continue to meet if they wish to do so).