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Starting in 2021/22 we are offering our students who work and volunteer in sport the opportunity to gain extra support, training and funding. See below for more information on the roles we have available.


Why apply for a paid or voluntary role within the Coaching and Volunteering Academy?

Many of our students give their time to coaching or officiating simply because they enjoy it but there’s plenty of other advantages to being involved, particularly for your employability as listed below:

  • Build your leadership

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Gain extra training or a qualification

  • Learn how to demonstrate your new skills to a potential employer

  • Improve your potential future earnings - research shows that those who engaged in sports volunteering earn between £4000-£5000 more than those who only play sport.


On top of this, if you have a voluntary role in the Academy you will receive free Samurai sports kit to say thank you.



Voluntary Roles



These student coaches are very important for the delivery of Active sessions, which are delivered weekly and designed to be accessible to any student wanting to play sport, no matter their experience or commitment level. Our Activators are quite often members of our sports clubs but we are always on looking for more students to help deliver sessions. 


Community Coach

As the name suggest these student coaches are based off campus in schools, sports clubs or community organisations. If you are a student who is already coaching in your community then a space in our Volunteering and Coaching Academy could be ideal for you to help develop your skills. However, if you want to start coaching in your community but don’t yet have a voluntary placement then we can help you find one. 



Coaching Roles

Apply here for one of our voluntary roles





Paid Roles


Campus League Official

These student roles are essential to the running of our Campus Leagues, which help to facilitate on campus competition amongst students in the following sports:

  • Football



Campus Sport Leagues

Apply for a paid role here



 Frequently Asked Questions

What is new about the Sports Coaching and Volunteering Academy?

Royal Holloway Sport has always offered volunteering roles and opportunities but the Coaching and Volunteering Academy will allow us to better support students taking up these opportunities. Students will be offered extra training and mentorship opportunities as well as how to apply their experience post-university.

Do I have to have lots of experience of playing sport/taking part in fitness for any of the roles?

No. We are keen to encourage anyone to apply for our roles. In the case of coaching roles you will need enough experience of your chosen sport to be happy to deliver a session to a newbie but all our roles will encompass training before the start.

How much of a time commitment is a role as part of the Coaching and Volunteering Academy?

This will depend on the role and whether it is paid or voluntary but generally your role will take up between 1-3 hours every week. Extra training sessions will take place between once a month to once a term and will last between 2-3 hours.

Is there a cost?

No. There is no cost to joining the academy.

Can I apply as a 1st year student?

Yes, we encourage applications from students in any year of study.

Do I need to be part of an SU sports club?

No, we welcome applications from any student, regardless of whether they are part of an SU club.

How do I join/apply?

To apply for a role follow the links above and complete an application form.

Can I apply to be in the academy if I already have a voluntary role in sport that I have organised myself?

Yes, you will be eligible to apply for our Community Coach strand.


Have a question?

If you have any questions, please email us at: