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Our Does You Good Campaign


Here at Royal Holloway Sport we know that being active #DoesYouGood and students who workout work better. With so many different ways of keeping yourself active, we want to make sure that there's something for everyone!

We know that living in lockdown can make it challenging to keep active but the benefits of physical activity are huge! Setting aside that time to get yourself moving will increase your productivity, reduce your stress levels and release endorphins, which will improve your mood.

To reward you for being active, we have launched our Royal Holloway Moves app which tracks your activity (from your phone or your favourite activity tracker) and converts them into points to spend on campus!

Why not check out the campus walks and set yourself a goal of completing them each week – you could even get yourself a coffee with your Moves points on the way?

If a structured workout is more your style, check out our online class timetable where we have up to 50 classes a week on offer! We’ve even got some meditation and journalling in there to help you relax and positively impact your mental wellbeing.

There really is something for everyone so set aside that time and let’s get moving! 

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Royal Holloway Moves


Campus walks


[Being physically active] is great for my mental health and gave me some great opportunities through volunteering and charity work.

Kate Roberts

President of the Students' Union

[Being physically active] is so vital for our overall wellbeing, after a lacrosse session I can always feel the endorphins! It helps me to be a better student all-round. My academic life is better off, and I’d be nowhere without all my friends from lacrosse!


BSc Criminology & Psychology | 3rd Year

Although going to the gym, or trying out for a team might seem a bit daunting, it's always good to get involved and step outside of your comfort zone, by trying something new.


BSc Psychology, Clinical Psychology & Mental Health | 1st Year

It really does make a difference to overall wellbeing. My physical and mental health have never been so good. Its so good to keep yourself busy, and just relying on academics to do that can be detrimental. Getting out and active can make you feel so good in so many different ways!


BA Classical Studies | 3rd Year

The feel good factor, the competition and the social side of playing a team sport are my main motivations in keeping physically active!


BSc Psychology | 3rd Year

Start small and try and do something with a friend to make you feel more comfortable.


BSc Geography | 3rd Year

It really helps mental well-being - I’ve had first hand experience of the impact exercise has on mental health - it’s a great, and most importantly, healthy coping strategy


BSc Management with International Business | 1st Year

Being active does me good, not only by improving my individual fitness but by allowing me to socialise with a wide range of people, who influence my day to day life. It engages me physically and mentally and helps me take time away from the stresses that can accompany doing a degree.


BSc Politics with Philosophy | 2nd Year