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Whatever your degree we encourage you to get involved in the wider community through volunteering. Royal Holloway Volunteering is a programme of collaborative projects with local community organisations and exists to connect, train and support staff and students seeking to volunteer in the local area and beyond. 

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in different activities, learn new skills and build your confidence and CV, all while helping local people. 

Royal Holloway Volunteering currently has more than 2,300 registered volunteers and over 240 Community Action partners.  Whether your passion is to work with animals, to teach English to young refugees or support older people, we’re bound to have a project to make your time at Royal Holloway just that little bit more worthwhile and give you the chance to give something back to the community. There are now over 16 sustainable Social Action student-led projects that individuals and groups can volunteer to be involved with too.

The Volunteering Blog has regular articles by student volunteers to showcase a variety of projects and initiatives.

What we do

Volunteering is highly valued by the College and Royal Holloway Volunteering provides support through hosting Volunteering Locally and Volunteering Abroad Fairs, organising Get Involved Week, sourcing Christmas volunteering and summer opportunities. We run regular skills development workshops, support our team and project leaders, and give recognition through our annual Get Recognised Awards. Community Action partners with various award schemes including Royal Holloway Passport Award, and as an approved provider for the vInspired award so volunteers can receive various accreditation

Other opportunities

During the year, you’re invited to join a project days team as part of a one-off initiative such as Make A Difference, the BIG spring clean and Volunteers' Week. Student volunteers and club or society teams can get involved in a range of local community projects through these events.

This year we are holding the Festival of Volunteering on Wednesday 25 September. Find out more online

Volunteering Structure

See below for the staff support and various roles available to students to get involved with... In addition to this we have over 3,000 registered volunteers who actively engage in opportunities throughout the academic year.


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