Looking for volunteers?


Among the College's 9000 students and 1500 staff are numerous volunteers with a wide range of skills and interests. So, whether you are looking for volunteers for a one-off event or are seeking to fill a regular volunteer opportunity, we may be able to help. Currently we have over 2300 registered volunteers who are keen to get involved in the community. More than 240 organisations have already registered to join our Community Action Partners' Network.

We encourage all Community Action Partners to have developed a Volunteer Policy and request all to have risk assessments and insurance for volunteers in place.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to recruit volunteers for you if:

  • Your organisation does not insure volunteers or have a risk assessment available.
  • You are seeking to replace paid staff with volunteers.
  • Your organisation re-numerates volunteers (excluding expenses incurred while volunteering).
  • You are looking for volunteers to engage in political work (e.g. campaigning or proselytizing).

There are several ways we partner and support local organisations looking for volunteers... 


Community Action Partner Registration


Volunteering Fair Booking


Get Involved Week Booking

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Volunteering Abroad Information



International Students' Events


Market Days



Community Partner Feedback


Community Research Hub

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Community Project Team Requests

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Community Partners' Conference