Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and to build your confidence and CV, all while helping people and giving something back to the community. Whether your passion is to work with animals, to teach English, to be a sports coach, or to support fellow students, we’re bound to have a project to make your time at Royal Holloway just that little bit more worthwhile.

Step 1 – Register to become a volunteer

New to Royal Holloway? Or just new to Community Action? Register to get involved.

Step 2 – Find a volunteering opportunity

There are lots of volunteering opportunities, it is a matter of finding the one that is right for you.

It depends on:

  • What areas you would like to work in, such as arts and culture or sports
  • Who you would like to work with, from kids to the elderly
  • Where would you like to get involved, within the College, our local community or abroad
  • What skills you have or would like to develop
  • How much how much time you want to invest

If you’d like to volunteer on an ongoing basis then check out our projects and our student led-projects.  Perhaps something on a seasonal basis would suit you better – maybe over Christmas.  Or you could look further afield and volunteer abroad.  Take a look at our project days if you are interested in one-off events such as the BIG spring clean. You can also check out our notice board to see what’s happening right now.

Step 3 – Record your hours

In order for your volunteering efforts to be recognised you need to record the hours you volunteer

Step 4 – Get recognised

You’ve been volunteering; gained skills, meet new people and worked hard and now you would like to put it on your CV.  Your volunteering can be accredited and various awards can be achieved – check out the different ways you can get accredited


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