Royal Holloway Volunteering Awards 2020

Thanking students, staff and alumni for supporting their communities.



During the Covid-19 pandemic and the end of 2019-20 academic year, we saw an amazing response from Royal Holloway students and staff who wanted to support the local community during these difficult times. 

From 1 to 7 June Royal Holloway Volunteering held our first ever online awards. This event recognised the amazing volunteering that has taken place in our community over the past academic year,  whilst also highlighting and thanking volunteers for the incredible contributions made in your communities during this unprecedented time. 

Our Keynote Speaker 

The keynote speaker for the volunteer awards was Paul Reddish, the Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters.  

After initially starting life in the Private Sector, Paul made the leap into the charity sector to take up the post of Chief Executive of ProjectScotland a Scottish based charity leading on the support of young scots to get on in life through volunteering.

A serial volunteer, he’s volunteered as a youth worker, sports coach, treasurer and trustee and chair roles of different charities.  Paul is now applying all that learning, knowledge and passion for the impact volunteering can have on people’s lives and communities to develop the work of Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters 

Volunteering Matters has been leading UK volunteering in policy and practice for more than 50 years. They know, through years of successful work, that investing in people through the power of volunteering makes a tangible difference to the volunteer, the beneficiary and society as a whole. Their volunteer programmes help to improve health and wellbeing; build stronger, more inclusive communities; and achieve lasting results.



You can find all of our video content as part of the supercut video above. 

Looking for a specifc video? Find it here! 

0. 00 Introduction by Bob O’Keefe

0.55 Welcome from Paul Reddish

1.45 Outstanding New Volunteer

2.42 Inspire 30 Certificates

3.34 Thanking Charities

4.54 Outstanding Community Action Volunteer (External)

5.52 Outstanding Community Action Volunteer (Internal)

6.47 Outstanding Community Partner

7.58 Inspire 50 Certificates

8.46 Youth Volunteering

9.34 Outstanding Social Action Volunteer

10.32 Outstanding Social Action Project

 11.30 CPD Leadership and Teamwork

12.36 Thanking Coronavirus Volunteers

13.30 Coronavirus Volunteer (Staff)

14.28 Coronavirus Volunteer (Student)

15.23 Volunteers Supporting Communities

16.11 Outstanding Community Research Volunteer

17.05 Citizens Advice Award

18.03 Voluntary Work in the Community

19.08 Inspire 100 Certificates

20.03 Volunteering and Mental Health

20.56 Outstanding International Student Volunteer

22.16 Outstanding Volunteering Abroad Volunteer

23.32 Outstanding Sports Volunteer

24.39 Community Action Cup

25.29 Saying thank you

26.38 The Mayor’s Cup

27.40 Thank you from Paul Layzell

28.34 Thank you from Royal Holloway and its partners!


See the information below for details about the award catagories and their winners. 

Coronavirus Volunteering Award 

Given the incredible volunteering that is taking place during these uncertain and unprecedented times, we have decided to introduce a volunteering award to recognise the amazing contribution being given to support our local communities. This award is specifically reserved for Royal Holloway's students and staff. 

Coronavirus Volunteering (Staff): Nicola Hewitt-George
Coronavirus Volunteering (Student): James Neal 

Outstanding Community Action Volunteer

This category highlights the volunteering of a student or staff member who has taken the time to volunteer independently with one of Royal Holloway Volunteering's community partners. This could be with a local charity, school or other non-profit voluntary organisation. 

Outstanding Community Action Volunteer (External): Roshan Sanghera
Outstanding Community Action Volunteer (Internal): Isabella Koppensteiner

Outstanding Social Action Volunteer

This category is for volunteers participating in one of our student-led Social Action projects. These Social Action projects meet a genuine need in the community, and usually tie directly into a local community partner.

Alice West

Oustanding Social Action Project 

This catagory recognises Royal Holloway Volunteering has 16 student-led initiatives which give our students a chance to take the lead, whilst developing their skills and making a difference in the local community. 

Holloway Notes 

Outstanding Volunteer Abroad Student

This category is for students who have volunteered abroad over the course of their degree. Let us know what community partner and projects they have been involved in. You can also tell us where they volunteered, and what impact their volunteering had. 

Georgia Kendall-Johnson

Outstanding Sports Volunteer

This volunteer could have participating in activities with local sports clubs, schools or community groups. 

Eleanor Turver

Outstanding International Student Volunteer

If you know an international student that has gone above and beyond this year and made a big difference to yourself or other people through any sort of volunteering this year, you should nominate them for this award! 

Maral Dabirdoust

Outstanding New Volunteer

This category is specifically for volunteers who are in the first year of their studies, whether they are an undergraduate or postgraduate. 

Stephanie Fernandes

Outstanding Community Partner

If you have volunteered with a community partner this year who have gone above and beyond to offer rewarding, impactful and engaging opportunities, this is your way of saying thank you! Nominees can be local charities, schools or other non-profit organisations. 

United Church of Egham Bookstall