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Make an appointment

How to book an appointment with a counsellor

How to make an appointment 

Email our Counselling Co-ordinators Helen & Faiza to request an appointment.  You will need to complete an online registration form, which only takes a few minutes, and then we can make an appointment for you.  

While we are under Covid-19 restrictions appointments are primarily offered on a digital platform but if you believe a face to face appointment would be beneficial to you please let Helen or Faiza know.  

A counselling session usually lasts 45-50 minutes.  You may find one session is sufficient for your needs, or you might decide to attend further appointments.  

If a year of your studies takes place abroad or if you're not able to physically come in to see us, you can contact us for counselling support over email, MS Teams or Skype. To arrange this, please email the Counselling team.

Extenuating circumstances

We can provide confirmation of your engagement of with Student Counselling for you to attach to your online application for extenuating circumstances.  Please contact us to arrange for a confirmation of engagement form to be completed for you.