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Find tips from the Counselling Service on how to cope with common problems

Counselling is a resource for when you need extra help, of course there are ways you can help yourself apart from counselling – counselling is just one of the answers. Many problems can be sorted for yourself – however it doesn’t need to be an either/or situation.

Online help available

There are a wide range of online resources available to offer further information and guidance on some common emotional problems.

  • You can access sources of information on the Student Counselling in UK Universities site.
  • We would direct anyone feeling depressed or suicidal to the Students Against Depression website. Royal Holloway Student Counselling Service is pleased to have been closely involved with the development of both these sites, which are now fully independent of us. There is an additional resource for Chinese students which explains counselling in both English and Chinese.
  • The College Counselling Service is happy to offer email support where appropriate.

alcohol and drug use

anger management


bereavement and loss


eating problems

exam anxiety

exam help

feeling homesick



putting things off (procrastination)

rape and sexual assault

relationships and sexual problems


suicidal thinking

worrying about appearance

top tips on coping with exam pressure

general health issues