I'm graduating soon; what will happen to my email account?


In order to improve our university's cyber security position, we are decommissioning our alumni email service. This means that once you've graduated, you will no longer have access to your university emails. If there's data you want to keep once you've graduated, we recommend that you login to your account before this time and save any information you need.


Saving your data

There are steps you can take to save any information you’d like to keep before your account is closed.

If you only have a small amount of data you’d like to move over, you can manually forward any emails and details you want to keep to any other existing email account you have.  

If you would like to save a larger amount of information, including email messages and contact details, our instructions below outline how you can do this:


 Copy data from your university account to a different one: 

  • Download an email provider (such as Microsoft Outlook, Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird), and create a mailbox file.
  • You’ll then be able to export your university emails and contacts to your other mail account. 
  • With Outlook as an example, you will be able to move emails and contacts from your College email to another account by creating a .pst file. Instructions for doing this are on Microsoft’s support page.   


Please note, you will also have other information saved via your university OneDrive. You will need to copy any data you’d like to keep out of your university account before you graduate.

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