Can I get free antivirus for my PC or Mac?



Royal Holloway's Sophos antivirus site licence allows all current students and staff to install a free copy of Sophos Antivirus. Follow the steps below to obtain and install Sophos antivirus on a Windows or Mac computer.sophos_logo_300px_rgb

Note: Installing or removing software on your computer is undertaken at your own risk.



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Quick install - Windows and Mac

  1. Uninstall other antivirus programs - on Windows this is usually through the Programs and Features item in Control Panel.  On a Mac the process varies - for Kaspersky the instructions are here.
  2. Download Sophos: Sophos Antivirus for Windows (use your college login zyxw321, or cc\zyxw321) / Sophos Antivirus for Mac (need to enter your name and email address).
  3. Run the installer and then wait.  The installer may take a minute or so to appear, so be patient.
  4. Once the Sophos icon sophosicon appears near the clock with Sophos Protection: All protection is enabled the program is installed.
  5. Windows only: Double-click the Sophos icon, go to Configure->Updating, close the main Sophos window, then in the Address box pick Sophos from the list, and click OK.


Full install instructions - Windows

  1. Remove your existing Antivirus software, including expired trial software, and restart your system before installing Sophos Antivirus. Software can be uninstalled by going to or typing in Control Panel in the Start menu, then click the Programs or Programs and Features item.
  2. Download Sophos Antivirus - click here
  3. Once the download completes, click or double-click the file Sophos_AV_Personal.exe to start the installation. If you don't see the file, check your Downloads folder.
  4. The installation can take a minute or two to appear. Once it does, a Windows installer box should appear, followed by Sophos Updater in the centre of the screen.
  5. The Sophos icon sophosicon should appear near the clock.
  6. Once this says Sophos Protection: All protection is enabled the program is installed.
  7. Restart your PC to confirm that Sophos Antivirus starts correctly.
  8. Once you have restarted, double-click the Sophos icon near the clock, click the Configure menu at the top, then Updating. Close the main Sophos window.
  9. In the Address box pick Sophos from the list, then click OK.
  10. Sophos Antivirus is now installed and set up.


Troubleshooting - something went wrong?

Check the following: - You'll need to have administrative rights on the computer to install software. - You should remove your existing security software and restart your system before installing Sophos Antivirus. - If you have any issues removing Kaspersky then please try the official Kaspersky Removal Tool - click here. - If you receive Update failed messages from Sophos, you'll need to change the Primary Updating location - see the last steps of the instructions above. - Have a problem not listed here? Please contact us.

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