email- separate profile for shared mailbox


instructions for setting up a separate email profile:





Control Panel


Profiles - > Show Profiles



Type in the name that the profile will be known as on the computer - e.g. LCTeam

At the next screen click on the radio button next to " Manually configure server settings or additional server types THEN click back on "Email account.  - Fields will now be editable.

Add the name of the profile you are adding and the associated email addess


At the prompt for username and password clear any contents and input your own email address** and Royal Holloway password.

** NB This is assuming that you already have permission to use the email account for which you are adding a profile.

Tick the box underneath marked "Remember my Credentials"

Click OK

After being heartily congratulated by MS Outlook Click on Finish.

At the next dialogue box offered ( Mail) click on the radio button next to "Prompt for a profile to be used" and click ok.


The next time you log into Outlook you will be offered a choice of email profiles.

You can then sign into a shared profile directly to facilitate mail merge and sent emails going into the correct Sent Items folder.

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