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Paying for printing & checking your balance


To pay for your printing you need to have sufficient funds in your Computer Centre printing account. To view your account summary go to printing.rhul.ac.uk and enter your username & password. kiosk-69x166

Payment Kiosks

Kiosks accept all UK notes, £2 and £1 coins and are located:

  • In the Reception Area of the Computer Centre (available 24/7)

Making online payments

Deposits into your printing account can be made online 24/7.  The minimum amount that can be deposited is £5.  To do this:

  • Visit printing.rhul.ac.uk and login with your username & password to see your account summary.
  • In the My Account panel on the left click on the Online Payment link.
  • Once your payment has been accepted it will be immediately added to your printing account.