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CampusNet - Getting Connected

The Royal Holloway residential and campus wide network - CampusNet - is available wired or wirelessly.

Wireless connection

Wirelessly connect to the CampusNet wireless network on your laptop or mobile device. When you get a message saying that your PC is connected, open your web browser - see  'Accessing the network' for the next step. We have WiFi available in all our teaching, study, residence and social spaces.

Wired connection

There are CampusNet plug-in points in halls of residence.     Plug your device into the Ethernet port on the wall in your room.  Then open your web browser - see 'connecting to the network' for the next step.

For a more detailed explanation, please click here.


Accessing the Network

Once you've opened a browser, the first thing you will notice is that you are redirected to a registration page. This is normal as you need to authenticate on CampusNet with your username and password. 

Once you have done this there will be an upwards count then an automatic redirection to the college home page. 

You will now be signed in to the network and be able to access the internet and network resources such as your Y: drive (see set up FAQ) and W: drive (see set up FAQ).


Connecting Other Devices and FAQs

Can I connect my games console on CampusNet?

Yes, the console registration page can be found here.   (the first time you use this page a security exception may need to be added)

Will my mobile device work on CampusNet?

Most common devices such as smartphones and tablets are automatically supported by CampusNet and you will be prompted to login as usual, if you need any help get in touch.

What do I do if the CampusNet registration page fails to load?

If the registration page fails to load in the browser automatically it is possible to force the registration by going to http://nac.rhul.ac.uk.

Why do I keep getting redirected to the registration page?

This can be caused by unusual network activity. Check for viruses and malware and have this verified by IT Services. We will need a copy of the scan logs. Come to the Laptop Support office next to the Library enquiry desk on the ground florr of the Davison Library for help.

If your laptop will connect wirelessly but not to the wired network...

1. Make sure that your computer is set to use DHCP. The CampusNet wired connection will not work on a device that has its own static IP (network) settings entered. Details of how to do this are here.

2. Make sure that your LAN card (network adaptor) has not been disabled. To re-enable it navigate to the hardware device manager.

If you still have a connection issue please contact the IT Service Desk.


Off-Campus Connection

You can log on to the campus network from external locations using CampusAnywhere (VPN). All you need is an internet connection. This allows you to access restricted website content, journals, your Y: drive (see set up FAQ) and W: drive (see set up FAQ), and much more