How do I install SPSS on MAC OSX?


To install SPSS:

  1. SPSS needs an old version of Java to be installed first:
  2. Download and open this DMG file
  3. Search for Terminal in the Spotlight search in the top-right corner or in Finder go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  4. In Terminal, run the following commands:
    • cd /Volumes/SPSSStatistics
    • sudo ./SPSS_Statistics_Installer.bin -f
  5. There will be a warning about using sudo carefully, and then you will be asked to enter a password when prompted. This will be the password of your main OS X user account.  Note: the cursor will not move while you are typing the password
  6. Once you have successfully installed there will be a line printed in the Terminal window (which you can now quit) and SPSS will appear in the Spotlight search and in Applications > IBM > SPSS


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