Planned works: student email outage


Earlier this month we did some work changing the system we use to host student email accounts to make it easier for you to collaborate with your tutors and other students. These changes will make sure you are able to participate fully with flexible teaching and learning from September 2020 on platforms like Microsoft Teams.  

In order to achieve this the student email service was unavailable between 6-9 July 2020. Emails sent to you over these days were not delivered and the sender will have received a report to say that the email was undeliverable.  

If you use an app to send and receive email on your phone, computer, or other device, you will need to remove and re-add your account. Until you re-add your account, it may appear like you are not able to send and receive email. Read below or follow these instructions to update your email apps.

If you use webmail, as of now you will be able to log in, send, and receive email as normal. Your mailbox content, including older emails and calendar items, has been migrated for you. Some content, like mailbox rules and email signatures, you will need to set up again.

Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements to our services. 

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Why are we doing this?

In order to ensure we have the best flexible teaching and learning offering we can for September, there is a requirement to do some significant underlying technical work. Part of this work relates to student email accounts. The platform that hosts student accounts is being changed; we’re moving student accounts to the same platform we use for staff accounts. This will help us enable collaboration between staff and students and so that you can participate fully in your classes and activities whether you’re on campus or not. 

I’ve added my email account to my phone, tablet, or other client. Will I need to do anything?

Because your email account has been ‘moved’, any apps (clients) you use will need updating for them to continue to work properly.

All apps are affected – if you’re using anything other than in a web browser to access your email, it will need updating. Examples of email apps/clients include:

  • Outlook for mobile
  • Microsoft Outlook (for desktop)
  • Apple’s Mail on iOS and Mac
  • Mail for Windows 10

If you don’t update your apps it will look like you’ve stopped receiving any email, but you probably won’t notice any error messages or other changes. We recommend that you remove your account from any apps you are using and re-add it as a new account to your device or app and then send yourself a test message to ensure you’re receiving emails as normal.

We have an FAQ on how to add your email account to apps if you need help.  

Does this change how I log in to my email account?

No. You will still log in by going to You will also be able to go to and log in from there.

No matter where you log in from, you will still use your Microsoft Office 365 ID to log in. which is your College username with ‘’ added at the end (e.g.

Will my email address change?

No, your email address will stay the same. Your email address is normally in the format, where 20XX is the year you started at Royal Holloway (e.g. 

Your email account is accessed by using your Microsoft Office 365 ID to log in. This is your College username with ‘’ added at the end (e.g.

Don’t worry though, you will receive emails whether they’re sent to your email address or your Microsoft Office 365 ID and they’ll all go to the same inbox. 

Will my password change?

No, your password stays the same.  

Will my mailbox contents still be there?

The contents of your mailbox have been moved over onto the new platform and you won’t lose any of your old emails or calendar items.  

If you have rules set up in your inbox or have auto-forwarding turned on, you may need to re-add these rules.  

Any emails sent to your account on 6-9 July were not delivered, and anyone that sent you a message on these days will have received a notification their email couldn’t be delivered.  

 If mailbox content like emails, folders, or files, isn't present in your account please contact the IT Service Desk. There are details on how to do this on the Getting Help page.

When will my email account be unavailable?

Email accounts were unavailable between 6-9 July 2020.

As of Friday 10 July 2020 you are be able to log in, send, and receive email as normal.

There are no further planned service outages.

What happens to emails sent to me 6-9 July?

Any emails sent to you during this period were undeliverable and the sender will get an email response saying the message wasn’t able to be sent. They will need to send the message again.

Will I be able to log in to Campus Connect and other systems?

Yes, you will be able to log in to all other systems, including Campus Connect, Moodle, and the VPN. 


Will this affect OneDrive?

All your documents and files should be available and visible in your drive. If you have shared any of your files with specific people, you may need to reshare them. People who have shared documents from their OneDrive with you may need to reshare their content with you.

I have multi-factor authentication set up. Will this affect that?

You will need to re-register for multi-factor authentication (MFA). You should know if you have MFA set up; we have emailed you separately on this issue. 

If you are using the app to authenticate, you should remove your older entry or you may notice your account has duplicated.  

I have another question or a problem

You should contact the IT Service Desk. There are details on the Getting Help page.