Supporting you when you have to self-isolate


We understand this is difficult for you - you should not go out for any reason, even to buy food, medicines or other essentials, but we will make things as comfortable as possible for you with practical, academic, financial, wellbeing and emotional support.

We will arrange a meeting with all of you via MS Teams to check how things are – we know there will be questions you have, and the following should help…and if you need any food provisions today as an emergency, contact us ASAP.

Supporting your wellbeing during self-isolation 

Your health and wellbeing is a priority during required self-isolation and the Student Advisory ^ Wellbeing team are committed to offering students full support for their emotional and mental wellbeing if you are asked to isolate within your hall or local private sector house.

After you are notified of the need to self-isolate our Wellbeing Advisers will contact the flat / house / corridor within 24 hours to arrange a group meeting on MS Teams with you all. 

If you have questions or queries that are specific or private to you, you can arrange a 1-2-1 Team meeting either with our Wellbeing Advisers or Disability Advisers

After the group meeting you will receive an email with reminders of what has been discussed and tips about managing your period of self-isolation.  We will contact you again by email during the period of self-isolation and to confirm once the 14 days of self-isolation has been completed.  

Please remember that you can contact our teams at any time during the self-isolation with questions or concerns.  

In the event or an urgent need or concern please remember that the campus security teams are on campus 24 / 7 and can be contacted on 01784 443063 or by email. 

Accessing a Covid-19 home testing kit over the weekend

Home testing kits are typically delivered by Amazon and are not identified as kits and so we can't always guarantee that we will be able to get these to you on the day that they arrive.


Catered accommodation meals / Takeaway food 

Catering will continue for students in catered accommodation – additional details will be provided to confirm the arrangements for your household (i.e. how to order, delivery times and location).

Both The Packhorse and Tommy's kitchen, operated by the Students' Union, deliver through Uber Eats.  You can visit the app or website 

For students living on campus or in private accommodation in the Egham area, in addition to the links in the section on ‘shopping’ there are a range of delivery options for ready cooked food / takeaways.  Record in the delivery note that you are self-isolating and so delivery must be made to your flat door and ensure you wear a face covering when receiving the delivery.  See for options.

Food shopping & food parcels

We are keen to support students through their period of self-isolation and whilst we will work hard to ensure any items you need during this period are delivered to you within 24 hours we are also aware that some couriers often deliver direct to your room, some to a Postroom and other areas of campus which unfortunately we have little control over.

To help manage this process if you are in self isolation we would encourage you to order through the Union Shop so that the Hall Life Team can assist with delivery of Union Shop orders, subject to availability of goods ordered we normally get these to you the same day. The Union shop is well stocked and can put orders together for delivery -

At present we are unable to get Union Shop orders to Kingswood, but we are working on it.

Support teams from the university can support you with delivery of shopping ordered from the Union shop.  There are different processes for:

  1. If you need to shop now but have financial difficulty
  2. If you need to shop now or in the next 3 days
  3. If you need shopping in 3+ days

Please read the process document before ordering.  The contact details for this are:

Please wear a face covering when receiving any items at your flat / door. 

There is also TescoWaitrose and Iceland in Egham, which all deliver to campus.  If you order from these suppliers please add on the delivery notes that you are self-isolating and that the delivery must be made safely to your flat door.

Morrisons have advised us they have introduced a Student Doorstep Delivery for self-isolating students. The new service allows students who are isolating or in need or food the option to receive a next day delivery for just £2.  To place an order students should visit and payment will be taken at the doorstep upon delivery. Further information about the other student delivery services available, including same day options can be found at


Fire alarm evacuation 

If the fire alarm sounds during your self-isolation it is vital that you evacuate your hall.

We ask that you ensure you wear a face covering as you evacuate the flat / corridor and while you are outside waiting to be allowed to re-enter the building.  You should also ensure you keep the required social distance between yourself and others who have evacuated, especially those not in your flat.

We suggest you wait until others have re-entered the building before you return so that you can return safely to your room without being in close contact with others.


Deliveries from Parents, Supporters & Friends 

While you are in self-isolation we will be facilitating the opportunity to parents, supporters or friends to safely drop off supplies for you.

Those who wish to provide you with non-perishable goods during your self-isolation can do so each evening between 7pm - 9pm via the Hall Life team in the Founder's Visitor Centre (Founder's East ground floor).  You can book a slot to do this through the Living in Hall guide on the Welcome to Royal Holloway app and the team will then aim to deliver this to you within 24 hours.

Items must be clearly marked with your full name and halls address. 

If there are urgent supplies needing delivered outside of these times please contact Student Wellbeing and we will liaise with you to find a solution.  

Rubbish (on campus)

Please double bag your waste in the bags provided, ensuring bags are tied at the top, and place these outside your flat / house / corridor main doors by 8am each day.  

Ensure that you separate your waste properly as noted in the information in your flat - recycling, general and food waste.

If your sanitary bin is full, please leave it outside your flat / house / corridor main doors and email Residential Facilities for collection. 


It is even more important to remember Hands-Face-Space.  Washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, and keeping shared areas clean.  

Cleaning services will continue as per your household schedule but the team entering will use additional PPE to carry out their task. 

Please do not enter the areas that the cleaning teams are working in and maintain social distancing when they enter and leave your flat / house / corridor.

Accessing parcels & post (on campus)

Currently we are only able to deliver items of post to those in self-isolation on a Monday to Friday.

If you use the Union Shop Click & Collect service or deliveries from parents, supporters and friends we are able to get these to you over the weekend to.  

We understand this may be frustrating so we would advise that if you are ordering something urgent you make the order prior to the weekend and have it delivered to before 12pm to ensure delivery can be made to you the same evening or the next working day.

If there is something urgent that you require please speak to a family or friend member to they can drop this off to the Founder's Visitor Centre so the Hall Life team can deliver this to you within twenty four hours including over the weekend.  These items should not be perishable goods and information on how to arrange this can be found in the Deliveries from Parents, Supporters & Friends section of these FAQs.

When ordering anything to your College accommodation address please ensure your Hall name, block, flat and room number are clearly marked on all items you wish to be delivered to you. 

If you receive post or a package that is signed for (recorded delivery) you will be notified by email.  You will then need to email Postal Services and Hall Life who will arrange delivery in a safe way.  The email will need to state the following

"I {insert your name & student number}, give authorisation for the post room team to give my post to the Hall Life team to deliver my post to {insert hall address}"

You will not receive notification of normal (non-registered) post.  If you are expecting something important or urgent in the post you may ask the postal services team if it has arrived and can request delivery if it is essential.  

Please note that all deliveries will only take place from Monday - Friday between 7pm - 9pm. 

Your post room is dependent on where you live:

  • For Founder's, George Eliot, Highfield, Penrose email Postal Services 
  • For Gowar, Wedderburn, Williamson, Tuke, Butler, Runnymede, Reid email Hub Post Room
  • For Kingswood email Kingswood

When your post is delivered they will knock at your door, step back, and take a photo of you receiving the post.  

Please wear a face covering when receiving items at your flat door. 


Medical attention / needs

If you are registered with the GP surgery on campus you contact them by telephone (01784 443131) where your need will be triaged and you may be offered a video / telephone consultation.

If you are registered with a different GP contact then as directed.

Most pharmacies in the local area will deliver – any difficulties let know.


We have a self-isolation laundry service available for all students self-isolating in Halls. You can find out more about this service here. 

Keeping active

Keeping ourselves active has never been more important and that's why we have partnered with Les Mills to give you 30 days free access to Les Mills on Demand, where you can access over 800 exercise clases anytime, anywhere.  After the free 30 days, you will be able to continue accessing these classes for a discounted rate of £7.95 per month with the ability to cancel anytime.  Simply click on this link and register to start your free trial.

Physical activity has been proven to positivelyt impact on our physical and mental health.  Taking time out of your day to exercise can improve your mood and reduce stress levels - it can even make you more productive. 

Telling work

If you have a part time job on campus, contact your line manager to explain why you won’t be in work.

If you have a part-time job elsewhere, notify your employer – if you are well enough to work, it might be that there is work that you can do from home.  Any difficulties that you experience with your employer, you can contact for help.

If you are experiencing any financial difficulty as a result of not being able to work – see the section on ‘Financial difficulties’.

Financial difficulties

Contact our financial wellbeing team at for advice and support with any financial problems.

This includes access to the Study Support Grant for those in financial difficulty.  

Your academic studies

Notify your department (School Office & Personal Tutor) by email, explaining you are having to self-isolate.  You can find all the information on how to contact them here.  Stay in touch with them - and ask for help if you require additional academic support.

You can continue with your learning online.

Any technical issues with accessing online should be reported to

Accessing library books

To support self-isolating students with their studies the Library is providing a 'Click & Deliver' service.

From Monday 9 November, self-isolating students living in Egham or Englefield Green can have print books from the Library delivered to them. From Monday 16 November this service will also be available to students living on campus.

Please note you can request up to 5 books and much of the reading you will need is already available online. 

To use the service please contact the library via our Live Chat service or by emailing 

Telling your parents/supporters

We fully expect your family and friends will understandably be concerned. 

We have prepared some answers to the questions they might have and you will find it helpful to share these with them.  The FAQs for parents and supporters are available here

And if they want to speak to someone, they can contact

Faith / cultural support

For online services and support you can contact

You can also get involved in the faith and cultural student-led societies.  For more information, visit the SU website 

Keeping in touch with others

  • The Students' Union is running, and continually adding, a number of virtual events.  Keep an eye on the website to get invovled.
  • Download the App and look at the Hall Life Guide for events/activities and how to keep in touch with the Hall Life team; also check out the Student Life Guide 
  • WoW (Wellbeing on Weekdays) programme of online groups and workshops
  • Other students, friends and family – keep in touch with friends: try to spread out virtual catch ups across the day
  • Issues with IT/wifi connectivity on campus – see here for further help (off campus – call your landlord or internet provider)


We are continuing to attend maintenance requests on campus that are an emergency i.e. power failures, major leaks that cannot be contained, blockages that may cause an overflow of sewage.

All other works, of a more minor nature will be recorded for action as soon as you are out of self-isolation.

Problems in your accommodation on campus can be reported to:

If you are living off campus, please call your landlord as soon as possible.  



Anything else?

Please contact us at