Refuse and recycling


For all student households in Runnymede it is important that you know and understand the refuse and recycling service provided by Runnymede Borough Council and that your house ensures you dispose of all of your waste in the correct manner. 

Runnymede Borough Council offer a comprehensive refuse & recycling service where refuse and recycling is collected on alternate weeks with food waste collected weekly i.e:

Week 1: Refuse collected from black wheeled bin AND food waste 

Week 2: Recycling collected from blue lidded wheeled bin AND food waste 

and so on on alternate weeks. 

Full details are available in the RBC Service Guide.

If you have excess waste or recycling please take it to the Lyne Lane Community Recycling Centre (see map below)/  Do not leave it by the side of your bin as it will not be collected.


  • Please make sure your wheeled bin is out on your collection day by 06:00; black bin one week, blue lidded bin the next.
  • Return the bin to your property and off the pavement once it has been collected - the bins must not be left out on the street.
  • Make sure all items are rinsed out and squashed before placing them in your recycling bin.
  • All items should be placed loose in your recycling bin and not in plastic bags.  Plastic bags are not recyclable
  • Only waste placed inside your bin will be collected.
  • Line your silver food caddy with a compostable liner and fill it with any food waste.  When it is full, tie the liner and put it in your green food bin - which is collected each week.
  • If you have more than six people living at your property and think you need a larger recycling wheeled bin please contact RBC who will discuss this with you.



Contact information

Runnymede Borough Council -Recycling hotline:

T: 0800 052 0067