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Non-consensual sex is against the law.

Consent is the agreement to participate in any sexual activity and is required for all sexual activity both in and outside of relationships.  Non-consensual sex is against the law.  If you choose to be sexually active please ensure all relationships are consensual and understand that every person has the right to say no at any time.  Also be aware that many people chose not to engage in sexual activity and you must respect their choice.

Consent involves asking every time. If someone has consented before it does not automatically mean they want to have sex with you again, regardless of whether you are in a relationship with that person.

If people are in situations where they are unable to give their consent, for example if they are sleeping, unconscious or intoxicated any sexual activity with that person could be deemed as sexual assault as the other person is unable to give their consent.

The SU run I heart consent workshops each academic year.


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Consent - It’s as simple as tea.