Drugs & NPS

It is our legal duty to ensure drug and NPS use is strictly prohibited

College is committed to the pursuit of zero tolerance on the use of illegal substances to try to maximise student health and wellbeing.  It is our legal duty to ensure drug and New Psychoactice Sustances' use is strictly prohibited in halls of residence and on campus and we take all necessary steps including working with the Police to enforce this.

Just a few reasons to leave them alone:

  • The use of drugs is not conducive to study and frequently effects academic success
  • Use of substances can impact your judgement and allow you to make bad decisions
  • Drug misuse has serious health consequences physically and mentally
  • Evidenced drug misuse by students will lead to misconduct interventions and can ultimately lead to the termination of your enrolment here
  • There is an increased risk to the personal safety of yourself and others if you become involved with those who supply drugs and their presence will also increase the risk and likelihood of associated crime 
  • All drugs have a high risk element and this will be increased if you mix substances - both drugs and alcohol
  • Substances are highly addictive and expensive and therefore use can lead to financial difficulties
  • The possession or use drugs can lead to criminal convictions which can severely limit your future career and travel opportunities
  • Noticeable use of drugs tends to rigidly define social groups, so it may limit your circle of friends

We are happy to discuss any of these issues with students at any time to allow you to make informed choices, ask questions and seek support. 

If you are worried about your or a friends use of drugs or other substances or wish to seek general advice please contact us at wellbeing@royalholloway.ac.uk.

New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

New Psychoactive Substances (previously known as 'legal highs') are not safe or approved for people to use and are not legal as they actually contain ingredients that are illegal to possess. They are also called club drugs.

NPS can be a serious risk to your health. Users can never be sure what they are taking and what the effects might be and forensic testing has shown that they can contain different substances to those expected.

Here are some of the risks associated with them:

  • If combined with alcohol, the risk to your health can increase.
  • As chemical compounds can vary, even drugs that look similar or are similarly named may vary significantly in strength and effect.
  • The risks are unpredictable and can result in reduced inhibitions, paranoia, drowsiness, seizures, coma and, in some cases, death.

We are happy to discuss these issues with students and if you are worried about your or a friends use of NPS, or wish to seek general advice, please contact us at wellbeing@royalholloway.ac.uk.